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One of the Cleverest Koopaling by FaisalAden
One of the Cleverest Koopaling
Larry by far one of my MOST Favorite Koopalings EVER!!! Along with Ludwig (Can't decide which one I like more) It's good the Koopalings came back after their very loooooooooooooooooong vacation of not being in a Super Mario game until New Super Mario Bros. Wii with New Designs. It got so much better when they appeared in the Mario Kart series and SSB series for the VERY TIME!!! All though in SSB4 they were more like Alternate Color Swaps from Bowser. Jr to the Koopalings. As for their arrival in Mario Kart 8, they were all by themselves (meaning no switching from a Koopaling to another) Wondering Bowser. Jr didn't made the cut.. I hope he comes back. Anywho? I hope you all liked this :nod:

Larry (c) Nintendo

Artwork Created By MeFaisalAden
Program USED: GIMP2 and MS Paint
The Half Genie Hero Guardian of Scuttle Town by FaisalAden
The Half Genie Hero Guardian of Scuttle Town
It's been awhile since I drew Shantae, I mean that last time I've done was back in August 2014 in the Summer. Been playing Shantae and the Pirate's Curse recently :) I gotta say that game is quite enjoyable :nod: Can't wait for Shantae: Half Genie Hero :D This drawing/poster was because a redo of the previous artwork of Shantae I've done. Hope you all liked this :ILOVEITPLZ:

Here's the Old Version:…

Shantae (c) Wayforward and :iconmattbozon: (AKA Matt Bozon)

Artwork created by MeFaisalAden
Program USED: GIMP2 and MS Paint
The Gem Sealed In A Mirror Once by FaisalAden
The Gem Sealed In A Mirror Once
I REALLY APPRECIATE LAPIS LAZULI!!! One of my favorite characters in Cartoon Network's Steven Universe (TV series), honestly the show has a great story plot, not to mention it has some battle fights that's quite similar to the Dragon Ball Z anime. Plus watching this cartoon series reminds me of Adventure Time. Hope a crossover with Adventure Time, Regular Show and Steven Universe will be made one cause imagine how it'll be imaged :nod: Anywho? Lapis is far one of my BEST Characters in the whole entire series. Keep up the great work Rebecca Sugar, I was sad you left the role of being the storyboard writer of Adventure Time but not anymore. Your show's gonna make a difference. Can't wait to see the latest episodes of Steven Universe. Just to be clear I love Adventure Time and Steven Universe equally. Hope you all enjoyed this artwork :) 

Lapis Lazuli (c) Rebecca Sugar

Artwork created by MeFaisalAden
Program USED: GIMP2 and MS Paint
The Fastest Thing Alive Goes Mini Sized by FaisalAden
The Fastest Thing Alive Goes Mini Sized
At first I wanted to drawing Sonic in his actual size BUT!! Then it hit, I wanted to see how Sonic would look like in Mini size from the 2D Super Mario games, you know when you start off small in the beginning of the game then get BIG by using a Super Mushroom. Not to mention I've got inspired by Sega's Sonic game for the iOS and Android Sonic Runners. Sonic and his Friends look adorable!!! I couldn't stop playing the game. Anywho? I hope you all like this :)

SONIC THE HEDGEHOG IS THE FASTEST THING ALIVE!!! Man I really enjoy that title :nod:

Sonic (c) SEGA

Artwork created by MeFaisalAden
Programs USED: GIMP2 and MS Paint 
Spike To Meet You ^_^ by FaisalAden
Spike To Meet You ^_^
Spike's been getting a lot of respect lately :) Especially since he's now playable in Mario Party 10. Thank You :iconkoopshikinggeoshi: for inspiring me to draw this AWESOME Characters!! Hope more Super Mario enemies get their chance in other Mario games as well. I hope you all like it :D

P.S. You've gotta see this, it's just wonderful :dummy:…;

Spike (c) Nintendo

Artwork created by MeFaisalAden
Program USED: GIMP2 and MS Paint 


Creator of Faisal The Stickdran
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
Hi I'm Faisal :la:

I'm just a regular person who's a Gamer :nod: I enjoy playing Nintendo's franchises. My 1st is the Mario series, but I prefer the Mario RPG games more, but the platforming ones are still my thing ;)

I don't always tolerate negative comments about me, Trust me I don't!! I like getting along with others (but I could easily get annoyed sometimes). My hobbies are about making something related to Pix-elation ("Pix-elation" meaning digital creations)

I've created a lot of Personal Characters of my own but! The one I can court on is my official character of the FL series. His name is Faisal The Stickdran (He's got the same name as me, I don't feel like changing his name though cause I think it quite suits him actually) I created him a long time ago. Finally he's out for Real :dummy: I'm the creator of his video game series called Faisal's Legacy and the creation of the FIXAL company teamed up with TheMekMan

I'm more of a Curious person and not to mention a fan that's really inspired a lot at times, though I love it! It gives me a reason to keep moving forward for the better :nod:

I do enjoy making gifts for my friends at times when I feel truly inspired ^_^
Yes OwO Now I can focus a lot more on my recurrent project of FL that I tend to work on still also along with some sketches I still need to complete but I'll get around it soon ^_^ Not to mention that this whole week I should focus a lot more on new types of characters that I haven't drawn yet, for some reason I feel drawing characters from shows like Steven Universe, Adventure Time, Regular Shows and other cartoons that grab my attention, plus characters from animes like Goku from Dragon Ball, Luffy from One Piece, and many more. I'M SO EXCITED!!! But mostly I think I should start making some Super Mario sketches/poster since I haven't been doing much for that in awhile lately, that's gonna change I promise. The Mega Man franchise on the hand still needs more love so I'm gonna focus on drawing  ^_^ Maybe I should start with Super Mario characters Yoshi, Wario, Daisy, Toad, Geno, Mallow, or anything Super Mario related first and as for Mega Man Characters maybe Roll, Dr. Light, Rush, Other Robot Masters or anything Mega Man related.

I hope you all have a Great March Break :D 
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